Singapore man to man dating

17-Nov-2019 09:30

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Source But before anyone gets #triggered and call these men “MCPs (male chauvinist pigs) who want a female slave”, I noticed how most of these men felt they weren’t able to live up to the expectations of Singaporean girls.In fact, those who preferred foreign brides weren’t looking for submissive, soft-spoken girls to pander to their every whim, but a girl who wouldn’t judge them based on the car they drive, the house they own, and how much money they made.” However, Isaac believes most Singaporean men would still want a Singaporean wife.Marrying a foreign bride poses its own set of challenges.Perhaps this is why some Singaporean men look toward our Southeast Asian neighbours to find a wife.Maybe, this is the case of Singaporean women changing faster than Singaporean men can adapt., I don’t know what Singaporean women want.” Some hold the sentiment Singaporean girls suffer from ‘Princess Syndrome’.Recounting his failed dating exploits, Alex, 25, shared with me how one ex-girlfriend broke off the relationship because his parents were selling the family car.

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As compared to the past, Singapore’s society has become more gender equal.

However, some Singaporeans men like Paul, 23, feel it is the duty of a man to provide a comfortable life for their future partner.

Most people will float along with you because they’re excited for you, but you need a lot more than excitement right now — you have plenty of that yourself.… continue reading »

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