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15-Sep-2019 09:10

So, somebody who is an outsider looking in can really be brutally honest with them as a professional and share an opinion about what they can be doing differently to better their relationship.Steve Ward: I appreciate Mom's choice of words because "brutal honesty" is the truth of the matter.And even though they come from different generations, their experiences show that if you break down your walls, get rid of your bad habits and get honest, love will walk right into your You both believe in a "tell-it-like-it-is" philosophy about matchmaking—you're known for not sugar-coating your opinions. Joann Ward: I think a lot of times people only hear what they want to hear, and family and friends are usually very delicate when they speak to someone they truly love."JW: I think good men and good women are everywhere.You just have to have the skill set to find them, know what to look for, find the positive things and you will find that person.

Kelly, as well as one new cast member, Shamicka Lawrence, ex-wife of Martin Lawrence. Jo Ann Ward and her son Steve are back with a new season of Tough Love, and this time they are taking their dating advice to New Orleans!

Those are sort of the principles that we try to live by and try to teach people to live by.

I think what happens is people get caught up in other things that aren't nearly as meaningful or consequential when it comes to a relationship. For example, "It is a good thing it is raining outside because it is April and we need beautiful flowers for May." I don't care what it is, you just have to take a negative and turn it into a positive when you are dating.

JW: Also, don't discuss money, politics or religion right away. How to keep the love alive once you've found it In your book, you talk about how the rules for finding love also apply to the rules for keeping love.

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Those are the rules, and if you could just stick to them, people could find relationships. What is the most important skill an established couple can practice?

He is the CEO of Master Matchmakers, an exclusive matchmaking service founded by his mother, Jo Ann.

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