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She had turned out to be everything he had expected her to be—and Paris was equally pleased with him.They still shared laughter on Sunday mornings, as they snuggled beneath the covers for an extra half-hour on cold wintry days.William, their son, had just turned eighteen, and was graduating in June. Paris made sure that the table had been set properly. They enjoyed their social life and over the years they had collected an eclectic assortment of interesting friends.She set the flowers that she had arranged herself on the table.Megan, their eldest, had graduated from Vassar the year before, and at twenty-three, she had recently taken a job in L. She was interested in all aspects of film and had landed a job as a production assistant with a movie studio in Hollywood.She was barely more than a gofer, as she admitted openly, but she was thrilled with just being there, and wanted to be a producer one day. It seemed only minutes before that she had been changing diapers and carpooling, taking Meg to ballet, and Wim to hockey games. He was due in Berkeley the week before the Labor Day weekend. She and Peter liked to entertain, and Paris used them frequently.

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They had married as soon as she graduated from college, and she had gone to business school and graduated with an MBA.She had wanted to start a small business of her own, but got pregnant in her second year of business school, and had decided to stay home with their children instead. Peter supported her in her decision, there was no need for her to work.And for twenty-four years, she had felt competent and fulfilled, devoting herself full time to Peter and their children.She had cut a profusion of multicolored peonies, the tablecloth was immaculate, and the crystal and silver gleamed. He was a partner in a lucrative law firm, specializing in corporate accounts, and at fifty-one, he was the managing partner.

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Peter probably wouldn't notice, especially if he was tired when he got home, but what he sensed more than saw was the kind of home she provided him with. She created an atmosphere of warmth and elegance that people flourished in. The house he'd bought for them ten years before was large and beautiful.

Chapter One It was a perfect balmy May evening, just days after spring had hit the East Coast with irresistible appeal.

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