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04-Jun-2020 17:26

During the installation of the new packages, you might get some questions about newer configuration files overwriting older ones (I got most of these at the end of this process, so you can make yourself some coffee while it’s installing the bulk of new packages 😉 ).

In most cases, you’ll probably want the new one unless you recognise the file and know that you need the alterations you made to that file.

With that set, when you start the Update Manager (Applications-System), you will be notified that a new distribution release is available.

To start the upgrade process, just click the Upgrade button on top.

I opted to continue and take the risk of losing my shiny desktop effects (due to needing to use the open source driver), but was relieved to find that they still worked after the upgrade – I did not even need to redo the steps to install Compiz in Xubuntu.

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Since Xubuntu 8.04 includes Transmission, that is what we will be using. The first thing we need, is a torrent file, a file with a name ending in that contains all the information Transmission needs to download the appropriate files.

The first thing to consider is that Xubuntu 8.04 is a “Long Term Support” release, meaning that it’ll receive security updates for a longer period of time than normal releases.

Thus, people using this version won’t need to upgrade Xubuntu every six months when a new version is released.

Look no further, as Bit Torrent is here to save the day!

In short, Bit Torrent allows you to download files from other people, meanwhile sharing the parts you have already downloaded with other people who, just like you, are eager to try out the latest and greatest the open source community has to offer.

All in all, the upgrade was a generally a pleasing experience to me, and I hope and expect you will feel the same. This release, along with those of Ubuntu, Kubuntu and whatnot, means that the Ubuntu servers are going to have a hard time with everybody and their stork downloading these new releases at the same time.