Updating promotion points

05-Jul-2020 20:26

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When you install a new distribution point, you use an installation wizard that walks you through the available settings.

Before you start, consider the following prerequisites: Use this procedure to add a new distribution point.

Install Configuration Manager distribution points to host the content files that you deploy to devices and users.

Create distribution point groups to simplify how you manage distribution points, and how you distribute content to distribution points.

The original certification documents must be presented to the promotion work center prior to the awarding of promotion points.

The Army e-Learning Program is a resource that provides courses to help prepare soldiers for various technical certifications.

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The certification must be current as required by the certifying authority.To access the courses, you must register for Army e-Learning at: https:// Learning .If you are already registered you can log in at https://usarmy..When logged in to the program, click on the Catalog Tab on the left; Army Custom Curricula folder; then MOS Certification Preparatory Curricula folder.

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Please note that the Army e-Learning Program does not have preparatory programs for all of the certifications listed on the matrix below.This content is costly in terms of time and network bandwidth to distribute to these remote servers.

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