Updating your technology know

13-Sep-2020 03:58

To upgrade your driver, you should check your hardware manufacturer web site and see if a newer version is available for your computer model.

This is the recommended solution by Intel when upgrading your Intel RST drivers as some manufacturers customize the driver for their particular hardware.

If you start the intel RST tray icon it SAYS it's the newest version, but the file hasn't changed.

Go into that directory and hover over the file and it will likely be an old version, (like on the computer I'm fighting with) not the 17.x.x.x version I supposedly installed.

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About a third of the way done the project, this happens and the put a hold on machines that have " through" of the Intel RST. Just update the RST to something like the recommended driver version It's remaining with the old version and thus hosing the windows update.

(and that for some reason the 1903 upgrade is using the version of this to detect RST version).