Usps website not updating

05-Sep-2020 01:41

Also had them delivered and not scanned as delivered.

Had boxes go to the wrong hub, or in one case go to a location of a old hub that had been closed over a year ago. One of the great problems with this scanning issue is damage.

Read USPS Delivery Hours By Zip Code Route If it still doesn’t show any changes, especially after you sent it more than a week, you need to complain the problem to USPS, by calling them or visiting them in their office.

It did get eventually scanned when it got to the destination post office.

After typing those number, you will be informed about the status of your package.

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Learn how to change your address to continue receiving mail or reserve a box at your local post office.

USPS tracking info not updating – Tracking system in postal service like USPS is intended to give customer information about the package or mail they sent or wished to receive.