Validating css and xhtml

14-Jun-2020 01:30

Each tool provides numerous options so that you can set it to best suit your needs.

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CSS Validator: Adds an easy-to-use link to the W3C CSS validator that you can access via a right-click context menu or from under the Tools menu.

Page Validator: Either by opening the right-click context menu, or going up to tools and selecting “Validate Page”, Page Validator opens a separate tab and shows you the results using the the W3C’s online validation tool.

RSS Validator: RSS Validator allows you to easily check the validity of an RSS feed by using the right-click context menu or by making the choice from the tools menu.

You can choose which version of HTML for it to use, whether to display the source code, use a “dirty” parser, and there are a couple of other options.

It is also available as a Firefox plugin, which adds the service directly to your browser. gives any site a quick once-over, validating both the HTML and CSS in one go.