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15-Jul-2020 03:12

The problem is...unlike macros that hide or display columns, the VBA code... There are about 100 copy pastes) Sub Copy Validation() ' ' Copy Validation Macro ' ' Application. I have a macro that copies and pastes a formula down into certain cells. I'm really not sure why, but figured I'd turn here for advice. I want this all to happen behind the scenes, without users seeing the process. The attached has worked very well - Excel 2010 in Windows 10 The attached sub routine loops through a list of sheets and for each sheet calls in the arguement also shown.As the model has grown in size I have started to encounter the screen flickering as the macro jumps from one sheet to another - despite scren Updating being false and also the run time has gone from 1 minute to 4 minutes The net is awash with this problem and ideas on causes however the use of Select is commonly blamed Ignorance on my part means that I cannot alter the use of Select in my code to see if the flickering stops.I am sure that the coding could be improved but you don't add any notes to explain in the code.

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When the window appears, click on the Customize Ribbon option on the left.It happens when there is transition among excel files.