Vnc stops updating mouse and keyboard

07-Apr-2020 05:27

vnc stops updating mouse and keyboard-90

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So even though windows using the regular update states no drivers found they must be stored somewhere. I'll leave you with a few links you may have seen already.

If you come across a better fix than manually running a driver update using files in another location please let us know. I do see some really recent Drivers at the official Dell page.

The windows update last Tuesday has been causing issues with ONLY our Dell Optiplex 3040 SFF units. If we unplug the mouse or keyboard and plug it in it appears to install BUT they do not. We have tuend off USB sleep have tried various BIOS settings.

Uninstalling the USB hub and the devices and the same issue the mouse and keyboard will not install.

When we try to manually reinstall the mouse and KB; windows states NO DRIVERS FOUND.Hopefully they push an update that fixes this mess. We have over 525 Dells throughout our company and this is something we usually only saw once in awhile but it is more widespread now and seems to correspond to the newest updates from Patch Tuesday.When we update drivers, we also tested just using folders with ONLY the INFs, no drivers, and that still works. Windows\System32\Driver Store\File Repository Reporting a bug or problem: Well, you aren't the only one.The removing and then re-inserting the device would only act as a much needed restart to the device.

If there is problem with the mouse driver, the mouse won’t work properly.

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