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Ronald Millarone of the Westland volwassen dating Minister's friends, was asked to help revise the speech and Thatcher remarked to him that she might not be Prime Minister by six o'clock that evening if things went badly.

Although the Thatcher government was re-elected inhe eventually challenged her in Novemberpolling well enough to hasten her resignation.

Contradicting Thatcher's reassurances to Cuckney, Heseltine claimed that the Sikorsky deal would be "incompatible with participation" in European helicopter projects.

Thatcher, who complained that three hours had been spent discussing a company with a market capitalisation of only £30m a tiny amount in government termsallowed Heseltine until 4 pm on Friday 13 December to submit a viable proposal for a European deal.

The conclusion was that Brittan, rather than the Prime Minister, should reply to Heseltine's statement on that day.

To Thatcher's fury Defence officials had helped him throughout the crisis and in preparing this document.

His hair was wiry and brushed backward from the temples.

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If Westland went ahead with Sikorsky its helicopters, under this new agreement, would be unable to be bought by the four governments.

Cuckney wrote to Thatcher, at her behest, asking for reassurance that the Sikorsky deal would not damage Westland's business prospects in Europe.

Leon Brittanwho had replaced Tebbit as Trade and Industry Secretary in Septemberat first urged Thatcher to consider a European option Westland volwassen dating later claimed Brittan westland volwassen dating this option, although Brittan denied this.

He preferred Westland to go into receivership so that British companies GEC and British Aerospace could buy the viable parts of the business.George Younger was then offered and accepted the office of Secretary of State for Defencewhich Heseltine had just relinquished.

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