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26-May-2020 03:35

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He’d be wise not to make that kind of crack within earshot of his 36-year old talent manager Ali Astall.

Having lived with him since the beginning of this year she has just agreed to become Dec’s wife and if there’s one thing a budding bride tends not to like it’s her fiancé saying he’d marry anything as long as it’s alive.

Sure, one of a parent’s jobs is to worry, but after 17 or so years you can’t be there for every important decision in life.

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[Padma Lakshmi split up, but the author is still obsessed with his ex-wife and talks about her "day and night," says Rushdie's most recent girlfriend, Broadway actress Pia Glenn.

She went on to graduate from Harvard University in 2002.

You can now catch her on the "Love That Girl" show and she just released new music.

She also says Rushdie broke things off with her via email and may have been just using her for sex.

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[hacked into another socialite's voicemail earlier this year, please note that the prosecutors asked for a little more time to prepare their case today and the judge adjourned it to January 14, 2010. Charlotte might be a married woman, but she does say this when asked if she’s ever had a crush on a woman:“Women are the sweet nectar of this earth. It certainly helps playing my character when I love and adore women so much.” “When I’m attracted to someone, I’m attracted to them and yes, I’ve definitely been attracted to women in real life.