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This has been a very tough decision to make, but I have decided to leave East Mississippi Community College and my home here in Mississippi to pursue another career opportunity. Wagner and her daughter, Kennedy, are still in Birmingham, but Wagner is now focused on her own company.

For 8 years I have been where I felt I needed to be. I will forever be better for having worked with the student-athletes of EMCC. I consistently ask athletes to let go of the fears in life and go for it- and now I am reminding myself to do the same. Wagner started her own consulting company called 10 Thousand Pencils where she works with both students and schools to provide programs that help their students succeed.

Wagner noted she did not plan on returning to any other EMCC events.

Wagner also started her own podcast in 2018 called “Sharpen Up.” The show is a mix of taking listener questions, interviews (including former EMCC players) and Wagner discussing a number of topics.

Here’s how her site describes some of what she focuses on in this new role.

10KP works directly with your school/program over a 5 or 10 month period.

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But the reality here is that "being in a relationship" is not synonymous with "being loved and cared for." Ridding oneself of a single status is not a foolproof recipe for companionship; it's not the happiest life situation for every single person who decides to romp down that path.Why in the world would you want to post something negative when you’re supposed to be trying to help us find someone? I would like very much to be able to search for a man within 50 miles who is in my age range. The men that you put on my recommendation list almost never even live in my city, which was a specification I provided.Most of them are from other cities and some of them are even from other states!According to Al.com, Wagner moved to Birmingham in 2017, and took a job with the restaurant chain Newk’s as a catering sales and marketing director.

Wagner announced the move in a statement on Twitter. Netflix caught up with Wagner on the last episode of Season 3 to show what her life is like today.

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