Windows sidebar news feeds not updating

02-Mar-2020 06:20

windows sidebar news feeds not updating-16


Installed app and paid 1.29 to select my own source.

While social media feeds are overtaking them in popularity, RSS feeds are still a valuable way to keep in touch with the world.

Bob Very interesting, I too have the exact same problem, mine is stuck on October 3, 2005.

- Notifications and live tile updates for new news items - Support for almost all news sites - Find the settings of your favorite site via the search function - Pin sites from in the sample collection for free; for other sites an in-app purchase is required - Universal app (Windows and Windows Phone versions): the in-app purchase is valid for both, and your collection is synced between both Copyright on the news from the feeds remains at its owners.

If you would like to have your feed removed from the in-app collection, please contact [email protected]

When you sync the feeds to the CFL, you can add them to Outlook via your browser.

To do this, you should: This should add a new RSS feed to your feed list.To add feeds to the CFL, you need to set up this option in Microsoft Outlook.